Dont Delay! Complete the 2019 PhilaVax User Confidentiality Agreement!

New & existing PhilaVax users must complete the 2019 Confidentiality Agreement by August 2nd. Missing the August 2nd deadline could result in your account becoming inactivated. Fill out the PhilaVax Confidentiality Agreement today!

PhilaVax is a secure system that allows health care providers to access patient immunization records. With this system, you can use every opportunity to vaccinate patients according to recommended schedules, avoid missed opportunities, and avoid over- and under-vaccinating patients.

Reporting to Philavax: Click here for instructions on establishing real-time record reporting.

What can PhilaVax do for my practice?

PhilaVax is an immunization information system (IIS). By consolidating immunization records, an IIS helps us increase and sustain immunization coverage rates. Using the IIS, you can:

  • Quickly search a patient’s immunization history
  • Generate vaccination recommendations for a patient
  • Print school immunization forms
  • Generate reminder/recall reports for your practice
  • View coverage rates for your practice
  • View a patient roster for your practice

Training and Education

Philadelphia Immunization Program staff can offer training sessions to get you up and running using PhilaVax.