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Reminder: Check the Expiration Date on Your COVID-19 Vaccine!

Reminder: Check the Expiration Date on Your COVID-19 Vaccine!

COVID-19 Vaccine Providers, please make sure you are checking the expiration dates of your COVID-19 Vaccine and using vials with sooner expiration dates first.

If you are approaching vaccine Beyond Use Dates or Expiration Dates, please try to utilize these doses at your site. You can also reach out to us if you are interested in returning vaccine prior to its expiration. We may be able to arrange pickup depending on the amount and expiration date.

We can work together to ensure that wastage is avoided when possible and that we are efficiently utilizing vaccine supply at provider sites.

Here’s how to find the expiration date of the different COVID-19 Vaccine Brands:

Pfizer: Vials stored in an utlracold storage unit can be used until the last day of the month printed on the tray and each vial.

  • Sites are able to order a partial trays/smaller allocations of Pfizer using this form.
  • Orders are due by Wednesday at 5pm along with a reconciliation and a temperature log.
  • Pfizer deliveries from PDPH will arrive frozen on Tuesday or Wednesday.
    • The frozen vaccine can be placed in a standard freezer for two weeks and will have a two week BUD sticker on it. At the end of two weeks, the vaccines can be moved to the fridge for an additional 31 days. You will need to write a new BUD sticker (with the 31 day BUD) once the vaccine is moved to the fridge.

Moderna: The expiration date for doses stored in the freezer can be acquired on the Moderna website by entering the lot number that is printed on the box:

Janssen: The expiration date can be determined three ways:

  • Scan the QR code on the outer carton
  • Call 1-800-565-4008
  • Visit

We may also be able to transfer unopened vials of Pfizer and Moderna that have been moved to refrigerated temperatures and are nearing their beyond use date (BUD).

To inquire about transferring expiring doses, please email with “transfer” in the subject.