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Formulary Updates

Vaccine Formulary Updates and Ordering Directions

COVID-19 vaccine ordering will remain dynamic over the next few weeks as new configurations (anticipated in late October) become available, phase out, and product lines are reintroduced. We continue to have a healthy supply of all vaccine and we hope to keep you as informed as possible regarding the shifts in vaccine configurations.  
Although vaccinations have been expanded for immunocompromised individuals, we want to encourage all sites to use what you have on hand to meet these needs given the large volumes of inventory in the field. We want you to use vaccine to the best of your ability. We continue to be cautiously optimistic that the Pfizer vaccine, currently held at ultra-low temp conditions, will receive an extension. You should consider these possible extensions prior to placing orders for additional Pfizer vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering Tips! 

· Use the COVID-19 vaccine you have in your inventory before ordering more.
· Only order vaccine that you can reasonably administer.
· Administer, report, and assess your vaccine needs .
· Order again, as needed! 

Vaccine Configurations to be Phased Out this Week!

Pfizer 450 for ages 12+

  • 450-pack Pfizer configuration comes to an end this week.
  • Any site ordering more than one 450-pack this week should order an 1170 pack instead.
  • We anticipate new smaller package configurations will be available in October. Stay tuned for more details!

Returning and Ongoing Vaccine Configurations 

Pfizer 1170 returning August 18th

  • Pfizer 1170-pack will be re-introduced on Aug 18th.
  • Ancillary kits: 
  • Ancillary kits for this packaging are configured with 80% 1” needles that may be used for pediatric patients.
  • Some of the needles in the adult kit are 1.5” long and should not be used to vaccinate pediatric patients (see Vaccine Administration: Needle Gauge and Length ( 
  • Providers may need to acquire additional 1” needles to supplement the adult ancillary kit if needed.
  • Orders submitted with a pediatric order intention will error out.

Moderna 100 – Temporary Only returning for a limited time only August 19th at 12pm Eastern

  • Limited supply of 4.5 million doses
  • Moderna 100-pack will be re-introduced on Aug 19th.
  • All due to expire in Nov/Dec 2021

Moderna 140 

  • Ages 18+ (awaiting EUA expansion for adolescents to activate PED ancillary)

J&J/Janssen 100 estimated return September

  • Maximum orders of 100 doses
  • 6-month shelf life

Note: Dry Ice Will Not be Provided for Pfizer Vaccine

Given the updated storage capability for Pfizer vaccine (2-8C for 30d) and based on the availability of dry ice locally for sites that need it, dry ice recharges will not be provided to support the 450 or 1170 packs:

  • If you intend to use the Pfizer thermal shipping container for temporary ULT storage, you must have a plan in place for replenishing the dry ice every five days.
  • Locations utilizing the shipping container for storage must activate the data monitoring system (via email from Controlant)

If you have any questions about ordering please contact us at Thank you for helping keep Philadelphia safe and healthy!