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Enroll as a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider!

Enroll as a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider!

Not offering COVID-19 Vaccine at your practice yet? If your site has not already enrolled as a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider, you can enroll now to make sure your adolescent patients can get vaccinated this summer!

Click Here to Enroll in Our COVID-19 Vaccine Program!

Becoming a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider

Here are some important things to know about becoming a COVID-19 vaccine providers:

  • You don’t need to purchase new storage units to store the COVID vaccine. No ultralow cold freezer needed.
  • Pfizer can now be stored at refrigerated temperatures for 1 month (31 days) and you can order as few as 54 doses at a time.
  • You are not required to offer vaccine to the general public or offer walk-in vaccination to become a COVID provider.
  • COVID-19 vaccines can be co-administered with other vaccines during the same visit. Click here to read more about Interim Clinical Considerations for Vaccine Coadministration.
  • PDPH is asking providers to ensure vaccination of all eligible patients, even if it means leaving some doses unused or wasted. Wastage does not negatively impact a provider but is simply a means for accounting for inventory. Click here to read more about Vaccine Wastage Guidance.

For more details, please visit our webpage.

Have additional questions or concerns about becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider? Email your questions to