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COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering Guidance

COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering Guidance

When providers are ordering in Philavax, please keep in mind that there are “Minimum Order Quantities.” This means that if you place an order below the minimum order quantity, PDPH will automatically increase it to meet the requirement. See table below for the MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) for each vaccine.

A couple of things to note:

  • Pfizer gray cap must be ordered in increments of 300 doses in Philavax which is a total of 5 boxes.
  • Janssen has to be ordered in increments of 100 doses in Philavax which is a total of 2 boxes.
    • The Food & Drug Administration announced the approval of a shelf-life extension for the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine for an additional two months. The shelf-life of this vaccine has been updated from 9 months to 11 months.

Partial Orders/Small Quantity Orders
If your site is interested in receiving less than the minimum order quantity (i.e., a couple of vials), you can place an order in All vaccine orders placed via will arrive refrigerated on the following Tuesday or Wednesday. You can place a note in the comment section if you need to order Janssen or Moderna vials. Please do not forget to submit a temperature log and reconciliation with orders. These orders are due by Wednesday at 5pm as well.

Place a partial order.