Phase 1b of the city’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan includes residents over the age of 75. The Philadelphia Immunization Program is working with the city’s long term care facilities (LTCFs) to roll out COVID-19 vaccine distribution to this vulnerable population.

In conversation with our LTCF partners, we have heard many questions from residents and staff. It the vaccine safe? Is it effective? Will my medication interact with the vaccine? What are the side effects?

To help answer these questions, we have created a COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Sheet in seven different languages.  The FAQ sheet compiles the ten most frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine by LTCF residents and staff. Please select and download one of the files below and share it among your network.

Don’t see your question listed? Please visit the city’s COVID-19 webpage for more FAQs and updates about the vaccine. Thank you for all you do to help keep Philadelphia safe and healthy!