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Communicating About Vaccines: COVID-19 & More

Communicating About Vaccines: COVID-19 & More

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health recently collaborated with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to develop a new educational module, “Communicating about Vaccines – COVID-19 & More.”

This free, web-based interactive session offers a two-hour training divided into three parts:

  1. Details the dangers of COVID-19 disease, explains the U.S. system to authorize and approve vaccines, and highlights the safety & effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.
  2. Explores best practices in vaccine communication.
  3. Reviews the module, offers additional resources, and explains how to receive continuing education credit or a certificate of attendance.

To learn more about the module or access continuing education credits (a version with no credits is also available), visit

This module was developed for adult and pediatric providers, immunization champions, and community members. It provides an understanding of COVID-19 disease, how the vaccine approval process works, and how to communicate effectively about these topics, so that ultimately stakeholders — and their constituents — have a solid, or reinforced, urgency regarding what the receipt of vaccines can do to protect people from COVID-19.

Please consider sharing with your colleagues and partners. If you have feedback or questions, email using the subject line “COVID-19 online modules.”

Development of this free module was led and supported by the Vaccine Education Center and the Office of Community Engagement at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics, Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition, and Philadelphia Department of Public Health.