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Co-Administer COVID-19 Vaccines!

Co-Administer COVID-19 Vaccines!

Dear COVID-19 Provider,

All COVID-19 vaccines may be co-administered with other routine vaccinations! Patients may receive any other vaccine at the same time as their COVID-19 vaccine.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) encourages all providers to help keep their patients up to date on their routine vaccinations. PDPH asks providers to remember “CAT” when they see patients for their COVID-19 vaccine.

What Does CAT Stand For?

C: Check PhilaVax IIS to see what routine vaccinations your patient is missing.

A: Ask the patient if they’d like their flu shot or another routine vaccination today.

T: Talk to your patient about the importance of getting vaccinated – if they are here to get their COVID-19 vaccine, they should also protect themselves from other viruses!

Thank your for helping keep Philadelphia safe from COVID-19. If you have any questions please contact us at