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Philadelphia is Now in Phase 1c!

Philadelphia is Now in Phase 1c!

Attention all COVID-19 vaccine providers! Philadelphia residents who fall under the phase 1c COVID-19 vaccine priority group are now eligible to be vaccinated. With this announcement the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) acknowledges that a significant percentage of city residents in groups 1a and 1b have been vaccinated, and it is time to expand vaccine eligibility.

Click here to read more about Philadelphia’s Phase 1c expansion. 

Who qualifies for Phase 1c?

Starting this week, the following city residents are eligible to receive vaccine:

  • Sanitation workers
  • Maintenance and janitorial staff
  • Utility workers
  • Postal and package delivery workers

And starting on April 12th, we will expand eligibility to the remainder of phase 1c city residents. This includes:

  • Higher education staff
  • Finance: public facing, non-remote positions in the finance industry
  • Transportation workers such as airport and train workers and taxi or rideshare drivers
  • Construction workers
  • IT & telecommunications workers
  • Members of the press
  • Legal industry
  • Public health workers

Read more about phase eligibility here!

Phase 2 is on the Horizon

On April 19th, PDPH, in accordance with Federal guidance, will be opening vaccine to all city residents, regardless of priority group. While we still have time to prioritize those who are at greater risk of COVID-19 infection, let us double down on our efforts and work to get residents in phase 1c vaccinated!

Thank you for your hard work and efforts to vaccinate Philadelphia. In these past four months you have given over half a million people a dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Together we can keep Philly safe from COVID-19!

FDA Now Approves Use of the 11th Dose in Moderna Vials

FDA Now Approves Use of the 11th Dose in Moderna Vials

Last week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a revision to their recommendations regarding the number of doses per vial available for the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine. COVID-19 Vaccine Providers may now extract and use 11 doses from Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine vials. The updated guidance can be found here, or by clicking on the button below, and the press release announcing the change can be read on the FDA’s website here.

Ancillary Supply Kits

While the FDA now allows for the extraction of an 11th dose of Moderna Vaccine, the ancillary supply kits that arrive with your Moderna doses still only support the extraction of 10 doses. We will send an update on the ancillary supply kits, and their expansion for an 11th dose, when that information is available to us.

Reporting Wastage

Wasted doses will still be considered anything under 10 doses drawn per vial. Doses above the 10 doses per vial for Moderna should NOT be reported as wastage.

If you have any questions please contact the Philadelphia Immunization Program team at Thank you for the work that you do to keep Philadelphia safe and healthy!

Reminder: Check Your COVID-19 Vaccine Expiration Dates!

Reminder: Check Your COVID-19 Vaccine Expiration Dates!

COVID-19 Vaccine Providers, please make sure you are checking the expiration dates of your COVID-19 Vaccine and using vials with sooner expiration dates first. 

If you have vaccine that is going to expire that you are not going to use, please let us know at least 2 weeks prior to expiration, so we can move it to a provider who can use it.

This ensures that no vaccine gets wasted, and that we can work together to efficiently vaccinate as many people as possible.

Here’s how to find the expiration date of the different COVID-19 Vaccine Brands

Pfizer: Vials stored in an utlracold storage unit can be used until the last day of the month printed on the tray and each vial.

Moderna: The expiration date for doses stored in the freezer can be acquired on the Moderna website by entering the lot number that is  printed on the box:

Janssen: The expiration date can be acquired three ways:

  • Scan the QR code on the outer carton
  • Call 1-800-565-4008
  • Visit

We may also be able to transfer unopened vials of Pfizer and Moderna that have been moved to refrigerated temperatures and are nearing their beyond use date (BUD).

To inquire about transferring expiring doses, please email with transfer in the subject.

Call to Action: Prioritize 65+ Population for COVID-19 Vaccine

Call to Action: Prioritize 65+ Population for COVID-19 Vaccine

Health departments across the country are seeing a new wave of COVID-19 cases. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) is seeing this same rise reflected in a distinct upward trend in our city. Despite Philadelphia being on the verge of expanding their priority populations for COVID-19 vaccine distribution, there are many highly vulnerable Philadelphians who still need their COVID-19 vaccine.

To reduce mortality within this new wave of cases, PDPH wants all COVID-19 Vaccine Providers to prioritize vaccinating Philadelphia residents 65 years of age and older.

As you know, vaccination is our best tool to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday, the CDC released the results from a real world study that show the clear benefits of vaccinations across 4,000 individuals in 6 states.

By vaccinating the city’s most vulnerable residents, you are saving lives in Philadelphia.  

Thank you for continued work to keep our city safe and healthy. If you have any questions, please email

Persons Authorized to Administer COVID-19 Vaccinations

Persons Authorized to Administer COVID-19 Vaccinations

Who can administer COVID-19 Vaccine in Pennsylvania?

Below is a comprehensive list of all potential COVID-19 vaccinators in Pennsylvania, by license type as of February 9th, 2021. The chart is broken down by license and the PA legal authority that is applicable to whether they may be able to administer vaccines.

There are other licenses that can have their scope of practice incorporate additional skills, such as an emergency medical responder, if the skills are approved by the Department and are published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. 28 Pa. Code section 1023.24.  Possible amendments to the PREP Act may also expand the ability of a license to administer vaccines in the Commonwealth.

To view or download a pdf copy of the document, please click here.

General COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Sheet

General COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Sheet

The Philadelphia Immunization Program has received many questions from residents about the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines. It the vaccine safe? Is it effective? What are the side effects?

To help answer these questions, we have created a General COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ sheet in seven different languages. The FAQ sheet compiles the ten most frequently asked questions about the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine by Philadelphia residents. Please select and download one of the files below and share it among your network.

PDPH has also created more specific FAQ sheets for childcare workers, congregate living facility staff and residents, essential workers, food service workers, long term care facility (LCTF) staff and residents, pregnant people, and public transit workers. Please click here to access the specific FAQ sheets.

Don’t see your question listed? Please visit the city’s COVID-19 webpage for more FAQs and updates about the vaccine. Thank you for all you do to help keep Philadelphia safe and healthy!

Medical Personnel COVID-19 Vaccine Contact Form for Philadelphia Residents

Medical Personnel COVID-19 Vaccine Contact Form for Philadelphia Residents

Our medical personnel contact form has been replaced with a COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form.

Please fill out our COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form for Philadelphia Residents and submit your contact information. We will connect you with where to register to receive your COVID-19 vaccine in the near future.

Healthcare Workers Seeking COVID-19 Immunization

Healthcare Workers Seeking COVID-19 Immunization

To download a pdf copy of the document, please click here.

Immunization with a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine is a critical component of the national strategy to reduce morbidity and mortality from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and to help restore societal functioning. While the goal is to offer COVID-19 vaccine to all people who wish to be vaccinated, there is currently a limited supply of vaccine available. Initial vaccination efforts are focusing on healthcare workers who have a high risk of exposure to the virus and are at risk of transmitting infection to vulnerable persons. Residents of longterm care facilities are also a top priority. If you are a healthcare worker with both a risk of exposure and a risk of transmitting COVID-19, you are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination, as follows:

  • If you are affiliated with a Philadelphia hospital or health system, check with their Occupational Health Services to learn when vaccine will be made available to your practice.
  • If you are not affiliated with a hospital or health system, you will be able to receive vaccine through a local Pharmacy, Clinic, or Urgent Care. Access to vaccine at these sites will be appointment-based and for Philadelphia providers only. The ultracold storage requirements of Pfizer COVID vaccine makes this impossible to provide in these types of venues. When another product becomes available, it will be made available. Check back weekly for updates.
  • If you are not affiliated with a hospital or health system, and have a large practice (>100 employees), you may be eligible to receive a direct shipment of vaccine for your employees. To qualify for receiving shipped vaccine, you must: (1) be located in Philadelphia; (2) sign and submit the CDC Provider Agreement form at ; and (3) be able to transmit electronic vaccine administration records to the city’s data system (submit inquiry to


If you have any questions, contact our team at