Vaccine temperature emergencies

If vaccines experience an out-of-range temperature, they’re at risk of no longer being effective. If you observe out-of-range temperatures or have an alarm on your digital data logger, you must take action:


Digital Data Loggers display the word ALARM above the temperature if there is an out-of-range temperature. Black boxes under the temperature indicate that there was an alarm on a previous day. If you see an alarm, you must respond to it. 

To respond:

Reporting nonviable vaccine

Is your VFC/VFAAR vaccine expired, spoiled, or wasted?

  • Expired vaccine is product that is past the expiration date
  • Spoiled vaccine is product that has been exposed to out-of-range temperatures and has been determined to be no longer viable
  • Wasted vaccine is product that is in a broken vial or syringe, was drawn from a vial but never used, or product in an open vial that was never finished

Report expired, spoiled, and wasted vaccine within 30 days using PhilaVax. After reporting it, clearly mark it, wait for a shipping label, and ship it back to McKesson.

Contacting vaccine manufacturers

When you have out-of-range temperatures, you’ll need to contact vaccine manufacturers to get their input on whether the vaccines are still viable. Click here for a list of contact information for vaccine manufacturers.