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1. The Flu Shot Saves Lives

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a yearly influenza vaccine, or flu shot, for everyone 6 months of age and older. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated each year.

Influenza is a potentially deadly disease, especially for the very young, elders, and those with immuno-suppressing health conditions. Each year thousands of Philadelphians are hospitalized due to complications caused by influenza. While the annual flu shot is the best way for your patients to protect themselves, their families, and their friends from the flu, only an estimated 45% of Americans get vaccinated against the flu each year.

Lack of education on the severity of the flu and misinformation about the flu shot are major barriers to getting more Americans vaccinated against influenza. Your voice, as a trusted medical provider, is key to breaking down these barriers in the fight against influenza. It is important that all providers talk to their patients and encourage them to receive their annual flu shot!

Vaccinate Healthcare Workers!

Unvaccinated healthcare workers put patients at risk; healthcare workers can be a key cause of outbreaks in healthcare settings. These employees encounter high-risk patients throughout the influenza season in medical practices, general hospitals, specialty hospitals, long-term care and rehabilitation facilities, home-care sites and other healthcare settings.

During an influenza outbreak in a healthcare setting, as many as 70% of the staff and patients can become infected. Annual influenza vaccination of healthcare workers helps to:

  • Protect healthcare workers, their patients, and their communities
  • Decrease death rates among nursing-home patients
  • Reduce work absenteeism
  • Reduce the incidence of hospital-based influenza outbreaks
  • Improve the prevention of influenza-associated disease
  • Enhance patient safety

You are the front line in protecting our city against the flu, but you are not alone. The Philadelphia Public Health Department and the Philadelphia Immunization Program are here to help! This page contains tips on how to talk to your patients, guides on how to order vaccine, and promotional materials to display around your office.

Ready to take the next step and help protect your neighborhood from influenza? If you are a healthcare provider, please refer to the “Preparing For Flu Season” section below for guidance. Community organizations and partners who are considering hosting community flu clinics can visit our Community Flu Clinic page and learn more.

Have questions about the resources we have on offer? Email us at Together we can keep our city and our communities safe from the flu!

3. Preparing For Flu Season

Getting ready for flu season means preparing to recommend flu vaccine to your patients. We have collected some resources to help you talk to your patients about getting their flu shot and overcoming any vaccine hesitancy they may have. Please view, download, and print the following materials and review them with your staff before flu season starts!

4. Flu Vaccine Ordering for VFC and VFAAR Providers

VFC and VFAAR providers can generally start ordering influenza vaccine for their practices in late August/early September.

Please keep an eye out for our annual flu season kick-off advisory in your organization’s email or in our bulletin section, where you can find the most recent updates about flu vaccine. If you have questions about flu vaccine, please email

5. Order Materials

Every year the Philadelphia Immunization Program creates posters, prints, and other materials to promote influenza vaccine across the city. We also offer free flu posters and prints to health care providers that supply flu vaccine.

Order flu posters and prints for your office today! You can also visit our Order Materials page to see other immunizations materials available for order.

6. Guidance & Resources