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We are the Philadelphia Immunization Program

We keep Philadelphia healthy by averting vaccine-preventable diseases and increasing immunization coverage across the city. Part of the Philadelphia Department of the Public Health Division of Disease Control, we are federally-funded to oversee the government purchase and local distribution of vaccines. By monitoring the use of these vaccines, we help providers maintain their vaccination inventory.

Not a health care provider? Click here to find out what vaccines you need and how to get them.

Have a question about vaccine ordering or management? Have an issue and not sure who to call? Call our PhilaVax hotline 215.685.6784

The Programs We Manage…


PhilaVax IIS

Philadelphia's Immunization Information System, or PhilaVax IIS, is a secure system that allows health care providers to access patient immunization records and use every opportunity to vaccine patients. Learn more.


The Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program is a vaccine supply program that allows enrolled health care providers to give free immunizations to eligible children. Learn more.


The Vaccines for Adults at Risk (VFAAR) Program makes free vaccine available to select providers serving adults at high-risk for vaccine preventable diseases. Learn more.


Flu Clinics

The Philadelphia Immunization Program coordinates a citywide flu campaign for adults who do not have health insurance or an alternative source for medical care each year. Learn more.



Our Community Based Outreach team keeps children, their families, and their communities healthy by ensuring compliance with Philadelphia’s immunization requirements. Learn more.

Perinatal Hep B

Our Perinatal Hepatitis B Program works with families and physicians to identify cases and ensure that at-risk children will not be infected with Hepatitis B virus (HBV). Learn more.

Need Help or Support?

Please note! In response to the COVID-19 pandemic much of our staff is working remotely at off-site clinics and vaccination events. We urge all providers to email our team members rather than call them.

PhilaVax Hotline

p 215.685.6784
f 215.238.6944

Email us with questions about using or transmitting data to the PhilaVax IIS.

Storage and Handling

p 215.685.6777
f 215.238.6948

Email TempCheck for questions about Digital Data Loggers (DDLs), out-of-range temperatures, and vaccine emergencies.


p 215.685.6728 / 215.685.6667
f 215.238.6948

Email our Vaccine Specialists with questions about vaccine orders.

Don’t know who you need to reach? Email us at and we’ll help you out. You can also see a list of staff and contact information here.