Flu vaccine is now available to order

Please follow the instructions found here: https://vax.phila.gov/index.php/order-flu-vaccine/

Orders submitted without following the instructions will be put on hold until all steps are completed

All flu products available are listed here: https://vax.phila.gov/index.php/flu-vaccine-products/

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) Immunization Program is a federally-funded program that distributes vaccines to local healthcare providers. On this page, participating providers can access information and resources to help vaccinate patients. Not a health care provider? Click here to find out what vaccines you need and how to get them.

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Manage vaccine

Vaccines can be fragile! Get info on storing and handling here.

Program forms

Find program forms, documents, and job aids here.


  • Oct 23

    Online Ordering and Clinic Tools Training

    If you’re a new VFC or VFAAR coordinator – or if you just need a refresher on uploading your DDL temperature logs through Clinic Tools, ordering vaccines, returning expired vaccines, and reconciling your vaccine inventory – then sign up for our next Online Vaccine Ordering and Clinic Tools training. This training is a 90 minute […]

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